Recommend Sightseeing & Package
UDT-WKT02 PVT/GSG : Full day Walking City Tour in Chiang Mai (Agro & Eco-tourism )

BKKFD16-AY RSH PVT/ESG : Ancient City of Lopburi & Ayuthaya Historical Park (Culture & Lifestyle)

Visit both ancient cities of Ayutthaya and Lopburi plentiful with landmarks that build up the rich and vibrant history of Thailand. Set out on this lunch included excursion with comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.With our informative guide, your exploration these ancient ruins will bring you the wealth of discovery in history, culture and architecture.

Day trip to ancient capital cities of Siam, Ayutthaya and Lopburi.
Immerse in the historical site with spectacular ruins and temples.
Amazed while strolling around Lopburi city with hundreds of monkeys.

These ancient cities are the cradle of modernization of the Siam Kingdom. Long before Thailand as you sees it today, the history of this kingdom lies within the ruins ample with reminiscent of the past. Temples that signifies the influence of the Khmer Kingdom filled with tales and myth behind these architecture. All of it awaits you on this full day exploration.


Erkunden Sie die historischen, kulturellen und natürlichen Sehenswürdigkeiten der zentralen und nördlichen Region Thailands, einschließlich der einzigartigen UNESCO Weltkulturerbe in Ayuthaya und Sukhothai. Die Reise führt Sie auch zum Goldenen Dreieck, einst berühmt berüchtigt für seinen Opiumhandel und abschließend nach Chiang Mai, der "Rose des Nordens“.

RR029-SIC/ESG-not use : 3 Days I-San Heritages & Natural Wonders (Overland Tours)
The tour program focuses on the Lower I- Saan (Northeastern Thailand), featuring the ancient cultural heritage which dated back to the Angkor period and the world renowned natural heritage of Isaan. Experience the I-Saan’s charming way of life, great hospitality and inherited wisdom in arts & crafts while enjoy your stay in the environmental friendly green first class hotels.

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