Recommend Sightseeing & Package
CEI-NSP-FD19 PVT/ESG : Best of Chiang rai Temple (Culture & Lifestyle)
Discover Chiang Rai, and explore the famous contemporary temples on this full-day private tour. With your private professional guide and comfortable transport, we will visit the well-known White Temples, the Blue Temple, the Black House, and Wat Huay Pla Kung. All you need to bring is your passion and a camera to enjoy this all-inclusive tour.

BKKFD105-EH PVT/ESG : Kanchanaburi Local Cuisine and Elephant Care (Culture & Lifestyle)
- Observing the local fresh market which is very active in the morning, 
- Leaning wiht Thai traditional cooking 
- Enjoy fun activities including feeding and bathing the Elephants.

RR004A-SIC/GSG-16 : 6 DAYS ROYAL CITIES (Overland Tours)

Sie besuchen die herausragenden natürlichen und die großartigen historischen Stätten in Zentral- und Nordthailand. Zu den Höhepunkten der Reise zählen: die zum UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe zählenden Orte Ayuthaya und Sukothai, die unverdorbene Umgebung Uthai Thanis, insbesondere das Leben auf den Bootshäusern auf dem ruhigen Sakaekrang-Fluss und die urzeitlich anmutende Hub-Patat-Höhle. Außerdem führt die Reise ins dermaleinst berüchtigte "Goldene Dreieck" sowie in die "Rose des Nordens", nach Chiang Mai

RR030 SIC/ESG : 6 Days Around North to the Trails of Thai-ness (Overland Tours)
Thai-ness is reflected by its history, culture, believe and way of life. This program presents not only the touristic highlights of Thailand along the route from Bangkok to Northern Thailand but also brings you closer to the essence of Thai-ness which is a blend of several tribes along the cultural trails from the old Siam to Lanna Kingdom which covered most Northern Thailand as well as the neighboring parts of Myanmar, China and Laos in the late 13th century. Temples and old style houses are living museums telling the history, external influences and unique identity of each tribe which is expressed in the architecture, household tools and textile designs.  Enjoy a 6 day journey to explore the charming Thai-ness in different part of the country, people believes, amazing arts and crafts, culinary arts, local wisdom and hospitality. 

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